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Helping maintain Tech Fortress' existence

Hello! As you might already know, it costs money to host a server. Being a supporter is more than just highly appreciated - your contributions help maintain this small community!

The easiest way to monetarily support Tech Fortress is to become a patron on Patreon. Every dollar matters, no matter how small! You can change your contribution amount at any time.

If you play on the Tech Fortress Minecraft servers, there are multiple ways you can obtain a "supporter rank":
  • Going above and beyond to help others out (especially new players) on the server.
  • Providing useful, publicly-accessible services within the server.
  • Becoming a patron on patreon
If you are feeling generous and decide to obtain a supporter rank, you will receive a few perks (which are EULA-compliant, unlike most other servers!) as a token of my appreciation:
  • Ability to use colors in chat
  • Ability to use colors on signs
  • Ability to inspect who and when a certain block was changed
  • Name added to supporters in /info (upon request)
  • Name added to this page with a short message (upon request, only available to patrons)

Supporter help:

Inspection mode:

/co inspect: Left-click to select block, right-click to select adjacent block. Tip: Hold a block to better visualize the inspected adjacent block.

Chat/Sign Color codes:

Use these codes in your chat/signs to alter the color: Color list
Example: I can make this word &eyellow = I can make this word yellow

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