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Tech Fortress: Supporter

Hello! As you already might know, it costs money and time to host a server. Supporters are more than just highly appreciated - you help maintain this small community!

If you are feeling generous and decide to obtain a supporter rank, you will receive a few perks (which are EULA-compliant, unlike most other servers!) as a token of my appreciation:
  • Ability to use colors in chat
  • Ability to use colors on signs
  • Optional: Name added to supporters in /info

Ways you can obtain the supporter rank:

  • Selflessly helping others
  • Actively playing on the server
  • Proactively encouraging others to follow the /rules and /reporting when necessary
  • Donate directly (coming soooooooooooooon)
100% of donations go towards paying off the yearly server hosting cost. Not a single cent is spent elsewhere. Our donation goal varies depending on server activity. Please note that the perks listed above may be revoked at any time at RoboMWM's discretion.

Supporter help:

Inspection mode:

/co inspect: Left-click to select block, right-click to select adjacent block. Tip: Hold a block to better visualize adjacent blocks.

Chat/Sign Color codes:

Use these codes in your chat/signs to alter the color: Color list
Example: I can make this word &eyellow = I can make this word yellow

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