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Skyrim shouts

Each line represents each level of the shout. Ex. only saying "fus" will do the first level, saying "fus ro" will do the second level, etc.
Higher levels have a longer cooldown.

Unrelenting Force (fus ro dah)

  1. The weak stuff. Items, mobs and players get kinda nudged, if they're close.

  2. Mobs and players are bodily picked up and thrown, and can be further away from our Dovahkiin. Peaks at about two blocks throwing height.

  3. Things in your way get hurled, and far. Some things that aren't necessarily in your way get thrown too!

Fire Breath (yol toor shul)

  1. Shoots 4 fireballs in a circle.

  2. 9 fireballs in a circle.

  3. 17 fireballs! Bigger circle.

Kyne's Peace (kaan drem ov)

Makes a mob non-aggressive for x seconds.

  1. 50 seconds. 20x6 cylinder

  2. 70 seconds, 25x8 cylinder

  3. 90 seconds, 30x10 cylinder

Clear Skies (lok vah koor)

Calms the weather temporarily.

  1. 10 seconds reprieve from the storm

  2. 20 seconds reprieve from the storm

  3. Storm ends.

Whirlwind Sprint (wuld nah kest)

Hurls the dovahkiin in the general direction. Each additional word adds distance.

Become Ethereal (feim zii gron)

Makes you unable to take damage. Gives a cool glow. Is cancelled if you deal damage to something.

Aura Whisper (laas yah nir)

Makes all living things around you glow (same glow as a spawner). More levels = longer glowing.

Call of Valor (hunk aal zoor)

Summons a friendly mob for 60 seconds

  1. Summons a Snow Golem

  2. Summons a Wolf

  3. Summons an Iron Golem

Marked For Death (krii lun aus)

Poisons mobs, makes them take more damage.

Storm Call (strun bah qo)

Strikes randomly chosen nearby mobs with lightning, and causes a rain storm.

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