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How to setup Mumble

  1. Download and install Mumble. Yes, the default options are okay, so the coast is clear to click next without reading (though you should still read). Download Mumble for Windows or for Mac.
  2. Once you start up Mumble, you will be greeted with an audio tuning wizard. Now is a good time to find some headphones, or you will have echo/feedback. Please make sure to read and follow the instructions here - it is setting up your microphone so you will send minimal background noise.
  3. After you finish setting up your microphone to work only when you are talking, you may have a window asking you about certificate options. The default (automatic) is exactly what you want, so just click next.
  4. Lastly, you will encounter the server list. View the following pictures for instructions on how to add a new server:
    Step 1: Click "Add new"

    Step 2: Add in the server information Note: the address has changed, use: mlg.robomwm.com

    Step 3: Select the server, and click "Connect" (or double-click the server)
  5. Congratulations, you are in. Hopefully someone else is in there to talk to.

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