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How to claim


How to claim land

Claiming tools

  • Wooden shovel
  • Stick
This video shows how to create and resize claims using the shovel. Depending on circumstances, you might find this an easier way to manage claims than using commands:

Listing and Deleting claims

  • /listclaims - Lists all your claims and the amount of claim blocks available to you.
  • /abandonclaim - Abandons the claim you're standing in.
  • /abandonallclaims - Abandons all claims you own.

Giving claim trust to other players

  • /trust player - gives player permission to build, destroy, etc, and everything in /accesstrust and /containertrust
  • /accesstrust player - gives player permission to use doors, levers, buttons, fence gates, etc.
  • /containertrust player - gives player permission to open chests and other containers, and perform farming tasks, such as milking cows, killing and breeding animals, destroying and planting crops, etc, and everything in /accesstrust
  • /permissiontrust player - gives player permission to /trust and /untrust other players.
Note: You can use public in place of player to give that trust to all players. Generally useful for /accesstrust to allow others to open doors and push buttons, but preventing them from killing animals or breaking blocks.

Managing the claim trust list

  • /trustlist - Lists players you've trusted to the claim you're standing in.
  • /untrust player - Removes player from your trust list inside the claim. To remove the player from all of your claims, stand outside the claim when executing the command.
  • /untrust all - Removes everyone from your trust list for that claim.