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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dealing with explosions

I've been thinking about how to solve the vanilla issue of utilizing the well-known creeper to grief other people's handiwork. So far, I have delayed in implementing any solution, since I figured nobody at this moment would invest enough time to doing this procedure repeatedly to cause enough damage.

Well I was wrong. Just over a week ago, this method was used to loot protected chests.

I first thought of using CreeperHeal - as it still allowed the destruction of blocks, albeit temporary, to at least provide that vanilla behavior effect. But this solution requires 100% success in order for it to meet my standards - and there are some bugs with it, unfortunately. Not to mention people can use this method to enter otherwise-sealed structures.

So for now, I have resorted to disabling above-sea-level explosions, which I assume is a good middle ground - after all, creeper explosions on the surface are more of a nuisance than anything else, and as it seems from last week, such things are more likely used as cheap "portable TNT."